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Luminaire BENT





designed for HALLA, a.s.





BENT is a simple and minimalistic interior luminaire.The materials used in the production fully keep the idea of having an easy and soft luminaire. Powder coated aluminum sheet BENT to it´s “smile” shape and the PMMA diuser vauum formed make the luminaire suitable for many areas (home, showrooms, receptions, interesting shopping area etc.). The important thing is the LIGHT. The light coming out of the lightsource (LED, new generation of SAMSUNG or LG) is not only direct, but the curved system and also all the diuser illuminated from the sides, spread the light around to a large space. It is the exible and specially designed LED board that gives BENT a playful appearance. The suspension system cosists of steel wire that also lead current directly into the luminaire so there is no need to have a power cable.
In the interior, it can be used separately or you can use a group of lights to create dierent shaped patterns which can be used for example in entrance halls or commercial areas.



Simona Hruskova / product and industrial designer

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